12 October 2005

Four keyphrases, four ads clicked within 34 seconds

Now here is a classic click fraud symptom. This user at used a proxy server at a Level3 site in San Francisco to find four of our ads and click them within seconds.

Update: The "cuplrit" was Google. Apparently the Adwords people use this IP address when checking your ads. :) The official answer from Google about these clicks was some boilerplate answer which said how wonderful their system is, but nothing specific.

10 October 2005


Øystein Halseth Lund has a great site that features click fraud - how people commit it and what the SEs are doing about it. Well worth a read!

Kanoodle - Computer Generated Clicks

In this post and in a followup, John Cunningham writes about his experiences with Kanoodle.

The Chattanooga Click Click

This Bellsouth user in Chattanooga, TN, just loves to click - 11 times, no less. He didn't buy any calendars after all that. Google only charged me one click, which could have been for someone else.

07 October 2005

Another shed-loving AOL clicker

I am seeing such click behaviour daily and cannot make up my mind whether this is fraud or a novice web user. Unless I were to see someone clicking an ad several times to return to an advertiser's site, I won't be able to ask them why they do that.